Satelite video-on-demand platform

Cinematon brings premium video content, including high caliber movies and television programs, to new audiences using innovative technology. Whereas current video on demand services require high-speed Internet access, Cinematon removes that requirement from the equation, opening up entirely new markets for content providers. The Cinematon video library, which is constantly updated, is available via one-way satellite channels. Subscribers only need a dish in order to watch high-quality video from the comfort of their homes, on their own schedule.


Platform Overview

User Interface

  • Movie discovery: Browse new movies by genre, view movie descriptions, watch trailers;
  • Playback: Fast forward, rewind, skip, pause video. Got to go? Resume playback later from your last playback location;
  • TV shows app: Select any season or episode for playback. Already watched and new episodes are highlighted on the interface;
  • Family friendly: Enable age restriction and parental controls for rated content;
  • Personalize: Change the UI theme or background, delete content, add to favorites.


Software Platform

  • Android-based, easy-to-develop custom interactive TV applications to enhance user experience;
  • Some apps: Games, weather, sports, stock data, and news;
  • Tap into our platform: Push data files and notifications to apps from our API/gateway server;
  • Automatically push software updates over the air (OTA) from a satellite channel;
  • RaptorQ, patented forward error correction (FEC) technology from Qualcomm, guarantees reliable file delivery over lossy broadcast networks.


STB Hardware

  • 1 GHz ARM Cortex‐A9 CPU and GPU for 3D graphics;
  • HDMI output with Full HD 1080p resolution;
  • 1 TB hard drive;
  • Video and audio decoder for multimedia codecs like H.264, Dolby Digital, AAC;
  • Digital audio output for 5.1 surround sound system;
  • DVB-S2 tuner;
  • Remote control.

Head-end Operations

  • Content Manager:
    • Add and edit movie information and poster images;
    • Video asset storage;
    • Access control for different roles: editors, QA, etc.;
  • Store videos in the Cloud to optimize for STB. Minimize storage and bandwidth usage space while retaining a/v quality;
  • Broadcast scheduler: Queue movies and TV shows to broadcast using a Web-based tool;
  • Billing: Customer relationship module to manage and bill subscribers.



  • Full HDD encryption to prevent access to video assets stored inside the STB;
  • Content encryption (AES-128) for broadcast traffic;
  • Smartcard technology (NXP) never exposes encryption key to attackers;
  • Unique encryption keys for each smart card and a blacklist option for compromised smartcards;
  • For technical implementation details, a security whitepaper is available upon request.

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